First Nations Initiatives

Since 1997, Careforce has been working directly with First Nations children youth on reserves in Canada, exploring and developing their potential so that they will lead their communities to health and vibrancy. The needs of these at-risk children and youth across the country are vast. We are currently focusing our efforts in two communities, Aroland First Nation and Six Nations of the Grand River to establish and maintain long term relationships which we believe are vital in bringing about change. Our goal is to send teams to work with the children and youth during each of the school breaks – Christmas, March and Summer. We are working to develop partnerships with each community; working within the band council structure.


The program we bring to the reserves is called BASE Camp on the Rez – an acronym that describes the approach that Careforce uses and the reasons behind that approach. BASE Camp is a one week camp offered at both reserves at various times throughout the year.

B – Balanced Living – Careforce uses a holistic approach, addressing physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and relational needs of children and youth.

A – Arts and Athletics – Careforce involves children in creative and physical activities to encourage self expression and to promote a healthy lifestyle.

S – Service – Careforce engages children and youth in activities that empower them to BE THE ONE to make a difference in their communities in order to develop an awareness of the needs of others and a sense of purpose in their lives.

E – Education – Careforce offers programs that teach a range of skills to help children and youth become more productive members of society. Careforce also teaches key living values to build character and self esteem along with the teachings of Christ to provide meaning and direction in their lives.