The Village of Hope

Burkina Faso, West Africa

The Village of Hope is a place for impoverished children from rural villages may come to live and learn. For 10 months of the year, close to 500 children from grades 1 to 9 receive proper care and education that are not accessible in their home villages.

Mully Children’s Family

Kenya, East Africa

Mully Children’s Family is a home for over 2000 children who are rescued from street life. Previously orphaned, abandoned, abused and living dangerously on the streets, these children are rehabilitated and provided education, care and shelter and loving guidance.

The Lighthouse School

Los Alcarrizos, Dominican Republic

The Lighthouse School in Los Alcarrizos provides formal education to over 800 children who come from extremely poor families. With scarce room in public schools and high tuition costs, these children are given opportunities they would otherwise not have.