Kenya Quarterly Sponsorship Update October 2012

From Mully Children’s Family

On August 25th, 58 girls graduated from the 2 year vocational skills training program at Mully Children’s Family (MCF) Yatta. The last two months they have studied health and hygiene issues, record keeping, gender issues, being women of faith, social and family issues, and entrepreneurship and business.  The girls have a kick-start to a new life with this training that they received while at MCF. Most come from socially bankrupt backgrounds and have had to work hard to make the transition to a formal, responsible, honest, accountable system of doing things and have done very well.

Six of MCF’s beneficiaries now have an opportunity to study nursing in Germany!  For each of these young women, it is a dream that they never thought could ever have come true for them. One of these women, Saphia Ibrahim Zainab, was barely 6 when she was brought to MCF 15 years ago. Saphia is a dynamic girl with lots of energy and as she sits, she can barely contain her excitement. Saphia’s parents divorced when she was very young and she and her siblings ended up living with her father. Because money was very scarce, her brothers became street urchins and they would often leave Saphia at home alone to look for money in the street. She had never gone to school before the age of 6. Fifteen years later, life has budded and blossomed for Saphia! The little unsuspecting girl who once held her hand out for food to eat now speaks basic German and will be studying nursing in Germany. Saphia wants to come back to Kenya and open a clinic to help people in her community and more so her family. She knows the investment that MCF has made in her life and she doesn’t think lightly of it. She is extremely grateful for the support that her MCF family has given her.

With the daily challenges pouring in, we always take a moment to thank God for the wonderful things He does for us at MCF. Many milestones have been crossed, with our girls graduating soon, and others pursuing a coveted higher education in Germany, but there is still so much that is needed for the work to continue. We thank you for walking with us and ask that you continue to support us as you are led by the Spirit.

God’s blessings always!

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